Importance of Vacation…


I cannot think of a time more enjoyable than my recent trip to Puerto Rico. The original purpose of the vacation was to commemorate my partner’s 30th birthday. He had been to Puerto Rico before and raved about how great of a time he had. I was down for whatever he wanted to do so I indulged. Now seeing as though I am what you may consider the working poor (rich in spirit). It is always with great sacrifice when I take time off work and how it affects my income versus my bills. We’ve all been there convincing ourselves of what we can’t do because of what we have too. I sadly came to the conclusion that I have convinced myself long ago that I don’t earn enough money to take a vacation. It’s as if I don’t deserve to break free from the hustle and bustle of life. Thank God for boyfriends and birthdays because the island of Puerto Rico is simply beautiful from the ice blue waters to pearly white sand I was mesmerized.


While not knowing what to expect I had my guard up as I was going to San Juan, Puerto Rico a place I had never been. Condado Beach was where we stayed at the lovely Resort La Concha. The Hotel/Resort was beyond satisfactory from the chic rooms with full beach ocean views to the on time all the time staff. My partner and I would end up spending most of our days casually drinking, eating at the native restaurants and overall relaxing.


I could not help but think how unfortunate it was that I had just been to this place that has always been so easily accessible. Sure monies would be spent but between the price points of and other cheap trips we landed a great deal. I had always thought of vacation as something I couldn’t afford when I could. The daily amount of work I put in on both jobs struggling and surviving as they’d say on Goodtimes is all that I was focused on. I thought vacation was a ‘rich’ person’s activity. I was wrong, when you work hard you must take time to collect yourself. Life is and will always be overwhelming and that is why we need those moments to restore ourselves.

Press the reset button and take off, I’m glad I did!

More Photos via PhotoStream

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