About Wade

Vashon Wade born (Jamir Tuten) is a an African American Writer, Photographer, Media/Marketing Manager, HIV/AIDS/CADC-intern specialist & Lifestyle expert. Wade has been the writer/primary contributor of VashonWade.com.

Wade, 30 is a New Jersey native who garnered his love for journalism early on as he’d spent most of childhood writing short fiction stories and drawing images to depict stories told. Wade would go on to complete an undergrad degree in Communications/Business while still maintaining a love for writing as he spearheaded the school’s first Fashion/Lifestyle column 365 Days of Fashion (which would later become an on campus organization started by Wade in 2006). Upon graduating Wade relocated to the northern New Jersey area where he spent time working as a Substance Abuse Counselor while continuing to write, Wade felt a strong void regarding his voice being heard. What began as a few journal entries here and there soon turned into Vashon Wade dot com. With no special formula or plan this site was born. “The only reason I started this website is so that I could have a chronicled journey of my life that would turn into me realizing that I started going to therapy and just didn’t know.” Wade expressed how he saw a change in himself as he wrote more and more about how he felt and his ongoing life experiences.

Today, Wade is a Public Health Representative at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School while also pursuing completion of his Certified Drug & Alcohol Counselor’s License. Wade will begin a graduate degree at Rutgers University and plans to release first ever non-fiction book release in 2018.

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  1. Hey I wanted to talk to u about how u got your blog started. I remember u doing it while we were at work. Now I am interested in starting one but not sure the best way to get started. If u get a chance email me & then I will give u my #. God bless!

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