It’s amazing how someone’s actions can speak volumes averse to their words. Knowing how to show love is often looked at as an obsolete obstacle but how do you actually receive love? Worrying about who loves you more or what could you do to prove your love sometimes can land you in heart wrenching situations but some say there’s simply no right way to love? Being twenty-four years old has not shown me the world but being raised right has shown me the way to finding my whole self. People always question my happiness despite the day to day quarrels but I have always had an optimistic attitude with a positive over-lay. Growing up in the neighborhood I came from left little to smile about but my mother always kept me smiling with encouragement and positive affirmation. I could remember everything being so positive even when it shouldn’t have been and music also contributed to those feelings and memories. Love was always conveyed through actions, words, even the music played always showed love. Whitney Houston, Anita Baker, Rufus feat. Chaka Khan Stevie Wonder and a long list of others were the life’s soundtracks to my upbringing and I always identified with the songs about love and how they made me feel. So many different experiences in my life have played a part in the way that I show love, sometimes too much has hurt. When you’re a genuine person in a cold world your once positive thoughts on what love should be turns into sadness and fear of what it really is and can be. Nevertheless I was able to construct and conduct myself towards being Jamir Tuten, a nice guy who’s trying to fill in the gaps of bullshit with knowledge that turns into power. As far as my limits and lesson in love, I know that I do love and I always will no matter what happens because I’m human. Being human means understanding what things are and what they can be and I learned that putting whatever you want into the universe makes a great difference in your life and sometimes others….

How I Do


  1. ..trying to remember what year we met..the scribbles i’d read you ~ how you always ‘lifted me’..and here i’m finally privileged to sample your ink..overwhelming!!..i’m gushing with pride..write on baby!! 3~}


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