Sometimes I awake very depressed and unsure of me and then other times I am of the strong and all knowing. There is a very thin line between both of those feelings but for good reason, I am human. We never acknowledge how out of control we are by just being a human being. We cannot control what is to come of us no matter how hard we try. I suffer from what is in front of me that I cannot see. Often times I am so fearful of what I think I cannot do or how I feel that it leaves me in a comfortable state of pretending to be my old self. Conforming to making the “regular” decisions and living what I know as “normal.” This can serve as a severe problem when you want to grow. We need, I need to grow, think about growing physically, we all want that. Why is it so easy to celebrate your yearly birthday but not to celebrate life’s little personal findings? Growing can be religious based, knowledge based, cultural or just simply for you all together. Nostalgia is something we all know but some of us abuse it, I know that I get comfortable with having control of everything around me. I love to reminisce on what I concurred before because I did it and its over but what’s next? There should always be new things, just like new shoes and new cars; I should be focusing on new feelings and new ideas with much action. When new things come about and I need new change to help me grow I get frustrated with not where to start or how. Excuses can be so disguised that they don’t look or sound like excuses at all. Realizing how to eternalize that fact that life will always revolve to change is the realization that you will always be subject to it. Once the adaptation of change is instilled then you will be guaranteed a path of growth.

JV Wade


  1. WOW!!

    ..that your sharing is pulling the reader in..*gently urging* self-reflection..and opportunity..
    ..embrace newness, change, grow…………immean for all my frail-human-resistant-to- change-stuck-in-a-rut-silliness ~ i’ll remember this gentle nudge to seize the next opportunity..ThanX 3~}


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