Butterfly Affect

The writings of insomnia…it’s 4am literally and I’m up thinking of what it takes to be more intimate with myself for personal advancement. This is probably the only time where everything else just doesn’t exist and its just me….

Learning yourself is learning how to deal with others and living your life with insight and depth. It’s often hard to let go of things that we see in ourselves because of comfort. Negative thoughts about ourselves causes us to be sheltered and bury it and move on. I am definitely guilty of focusing and sometimes spending too much time judging others to avoid dealing with my own issues.. Despite my feelings of fulfillment when I can lead someone in the direction of helping themselves become better it’s a great distraction. What about my own needs and wants? It’s hard to process not being able to help yourself, you’ll begin to think that something is wrong with you. Being a person like myself it’s hard to talk to others about your own plights especially when everyone looks at you like you have it all together. God has been my main resource of validation but sometimes its just not enough to keep me out of depression. Relationships, finances and personal doubt are all constant conspirators of your diminishing self worth. Actions will always speak louder than words but sometimes you need words to push you in the direction of taking action. Little encouragements to yourself like “I’m okay” or “I love & believe in me” can help you put that best foot forward in the right direction of where you need to be. None of which is easy but its all possible and start with you. One of the main reasons I started this blog is to one help myself and hopefully inspire others to began to form outlets of how to help themselves as well. You should always live a life of inspiration and look to others to be inspired. Learning and shaping your life is one of the main goals of simply living and all the little things obtained along the way helps to make up your story.


  1. ..good stuff!!
    ..had to go to Wikipedia for a minute..the butterfly is a bad mamajamma..and with such a wide range of species, they get things done -despite the nuisance vunerabilities-
    ..us too!!
    ..these thoughts serve to -pollinate-
    ..hmm – some butterflies even consume other harmful insects *insert mischievous grin*
    ..those parts of us that seem the most troublesome — that we don’t want others to see, are our butterfly parts…………we be pretty bad mamajammas!!
    (this blog is working me over – don’t you make me cry) 3~}


    1. I love the thoughtful replies, and I appreciate the knowledge brought back because butterflies are extremely interesting once you get to know what the livelihood consists of, and there’s always an inner layer to the putter layer

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