Life in Auto-correct

Living sometimes requires proof by experience, you have to go through to get through is what I was once told. What would happen though if you lived your life on autocorrect? It’s so convenient for your phone to assume what it is that you’re trying to say but often times its just too annoying. Everyday in life we have those unexpected moments that can have positive or negative affects on lives and we just can’t control it. Some would think that it would be so easy to live in autocorrect because you’ll avoid unnecessary situations that you just don’t have time or energy for. If you’re on your way to work and you run into a flat tire, it would be so marvelous for you to just automatically have a renewed tire so you can swiftly return to your routine. There are times when even when things go wrong that their pushing you in the direction of other things going right. If this were a morning where you caught a flat and then you ended running into an old friend in the process of fixing it, would that have happened in the autocorrect world? I guess I have a habit of analyzing things from different perspectives but I understand everything happens for a reason. Experience has to be built in order for you to really be able to adapt to various things in life. Autocorrect can be helpful but often unnecessary when you know exactly what you want to say. Life is just the same, when you go through things you shouldn’t complain and loathe in the circumstance but garner the lesson you were supposed to learn from it. This is just something I learned after years of trying to control my every move…life just doesn’t work like that and it shouldn’t.

If possible


  1. E.x.a.c.t.l.y.
    .’s tight-n-sho-nuff right!!
    ..i’m learning LOTS of lessons about trying to fix just ain’t how life works and the sooner i accept it the better off i’ll be 🙂 🙂 🙂 ~SQR

    1. It’s amazing how many lessons can be wrapped into one, I think if we stopped trying to control things we’ll have better understanding of what life is and should be

  2. Just tried to auto-correct a situation to alter an outcome suitable to my liking, but was connected to am outsourced agent…. lol
    That was hilarious, but that made my day and changed my outlook….still chuckling ’bout it.

    1. So funny how we will try are hardest to affix something to suit what we want or think we need when god will always do him and give us the real deal.

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