Start now. Finish later.

I find it hard to balance what you want to do versus what you have to do. The part that always runs superior is what you have to do because it’s a must and if you’re like me, the wants end up ignored. Like me, I set so many goals for myself because I’ve always had the mind set that one way or another these things are getting done. Everyday life will show up in the midst of me trying to get the goals done but I’ll manage. That’s what I always say to myself but it never seems to turn out like that. When you’re working to survive and it’s taking up majority of your time, there’s little room left to tackle short term goals. These then become long term goals and you become comfortable with never achieving them. That’s when you have to stop and just rearrange your whole mindset and start the process of what can I do today to help tomorrow as well. It can be as small as wanting to have a better attitude when dealing with co-workers. It will not come to you in an instant but convincing yourself each day by smiling or ignoring certain things can help you work towards being not bothered at all. Or the goal could be a larger and more stable savings account, teacher yourself how to sacrifice and save in small amounts daily. About how many times can you wake up and say what you want to do? This could be everyday for the rest of your life. About how many times can you go to bed knowing you started toward something you want to achieve? This two can be everyday, think about it.


  1. Very well put and very true…the common thread that run through each of us is the desire to achieve ‘something’, ‘anything’. 🙂

  2. keep up the insightful observations the youth of today needs one of there own to help them see self reajustments r needed to grow ……your thought help ppl remember that THE ONLY THING THAT IS CONSTANT IS CHANGE that without change one stagnates which stunts growth which results in a form of death on one or many levels. Your statement what one can do today to help tomorrow was VERY strong hopefully ppl applie the concept it works……keep hope alive

  3. Hits me square between the eyes. Earlier this evening I made a decision about a major goal that MUST be attained – or at least BE in real operation – BEFORE anything else will ‘work for me’. This is a ‘gotta..and it’s something I’ve always resisted (stubborn)..and it’s something I gotta start working like yesterday’. Thanks for the loving nudge of confirmation. ~SQR

  4. I need to consider that…there are many short term goals I need to conquer as I continue to strive toward the long terms😌

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