Chic-fil-a Gaying, The guy without feet & Pole Stand Ups

Every Friday is like everybody hurry up and rush day. Seems like I have so much to do on top of going to work. Early part of my day is working while figuring out ways on how to not work. Business expansion, blog writing, career hunting and public discussions are just a few things that may occur. You know how you hear everyone talking about something but you keep your views to yourself, that’s been me with the whole Chicfila situation. To round everything up, the company that has always been known to be strictly religious Christians made a stir when the owner said he supported Biblical definition of the family unite.


Silhouette Studios
597 Blackwood NJ, 08021
1(877) 381-6091

Some say it was his way of being against homosexual couples others say the company supports anti-gay rights groups. Whatever the case may be they aren’t the only company that are against gays and won’t be the last. I like the food they serve I can care less how they feel about life so I still ate some. *sigh* Funny how some shit matters to people when other things don’t. I also attended one of the first parties at my friends pole dancing studio. I’m always impressed when I learn about new things. I know of what a strip club is but it’s like a whole other side to the pole. Never knew the workout part of it could be so intense. Cool thing is you could make it fun, sexy, eventful & lose a little bit of weight all at once! So exciting to be inspired through the visions of others.


While enjoying my idea of a workout (one power hour at Planet Fitness)I happened to catch a glimpse of the olympics which I have not been able to escape for the life of me. They were featuring a special runner for the 400 meter.

Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius is a South African sprint runner.

( Oscar Pistorius, 25 yr) who had no feet and I was standing still for at least 2 minutes while running. I began to think about how I always underestimate myself and my strength. People live with so many limits without realizing things should be the other way around. If Chic-fil-a could make money while expressing their objection for a culture of people, what could I do. Make pole workout without feet.



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