Show Me Your Teeth..

Could you be any more cool?

Happiness is: 1. A good shirt. 2. Free food. 3. A hot shower. 4.  Much needed help. 5. A good conversation.

I decided to name a few things that sometimes make my day. Had to jot them down to actually give you an example of how simplistic happiness can be. I’m someone who tends to ignore this life (I’m not about it). I’m what you call an extreme worrier. Sure we’ve all had those little peaks that have infused some good in our day. That could only happen if your mind is open to it. You have the power to just convert your kind into strictly believing & focusing on the positive. I’m seeing how easy it is to place my mind on a brand standard; that’s to just relax and appreciate good.  I might hate my job but I always find the motivation to go because of the payoff. I can really remain loyal to a rocky relationships if it delivers the right amount of satisfaction. Couldn’t I just change my mind into thinking about what I want? If you don’t have something shouldn’t you be I’m place to have it? It’s hard to get yourself to do something but much easier to focus on doing it. I try to give myself a chance to grow and do a little more each day to enforce effort. I’m not saying you’ll small all day or never complain but you’ll gain more mentally. If you continuously revert your mind to consider the positive outcome image what could happen. I count every time I say something negative to remind myself how much of my own time I waste. How can I be breathing without considering the fact that I live, laugh & feel life.  My biggest issue like lots of other people is worrying about everything. Worrying is connected to fear and negative thoughts that should be replaced with encouragement (even if the positive is a lie it still helps). Seems like its easy to build on negative feelings and then it sets in as your attitude. I try my best to change my environment in order to make things brighter. Just like a prayer may lead to an answer shouldn’t a positive thought lead to some good action. I can write about 3000 bad things that ran across my mind but 3 good things that happen today are more important. Is your life that bad?

1. I’m breathed. 2. I felt some sort of love today. 3. I’ve been inspired to do better because of what I learned just from today.

…. easy feelings only please.



  1. *snapping fingers!* Lol… Well said my brotha… @WellsYouSoCrazy <~~~~Twitter… You kno I had to say that, lol

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