I got goals but you got gold

Despite my enjoyment I cant help but feel like I need more. When I shook his hand it felt like I was lacking. Maybe I should prepare my focus to focus on…

Sometimes positive thinking can be overshadowed by tainted reality. I think about how many times I smiled knowing I should cry. Strength is what keeps the hope afloat especially when the grass is greener. Man I always feel so inspired when I hear success stories about women and men that followed their dreams. But most people I know don’t really dream. I think that’s why I’m so obsessed with watching celebrity biographies because they offer a different reality. Not one of a middle class working to live but barely living person. Nor does it show generalization passed on through family trees that keeps the same issues consistent with no growth. There’s always success margin-ed with difficulty and the way I see it

the person documented always gets the gold. Everybody loves to win, I’ve rarely won things that cost me nothing. The wins I carry are those from which I worked hard so much to where I’m entitled. But when I hear about others winning whether it be by gamble or just pure luck it doesn’t move me. I can’t attest so I really could care less? I look at what I have to do versus what I’ve done and I see the part I play. My world is made up of goals, some of which are short but unmatched. My list is very long but I’m distracted by the victories or others. Sometimes I put my list down because I’m consumed with the consisted pitfalls of my life. Sure that’s an excuse but I’m just trying to be honest because it’s how I feel.
It’s hard to recognize smalls wins when you’re busy chasing big ones but I realized that I must always be inspired even if its even from finding a dollar in my winter coat from last year.
I need to keep in my that all my insecurities, ideas and suggestions play a part in the list that I hold.  I’m like a man with goals standing next to a man with gold. One of us has much more than the other but one of us also has much more to look forward too.
The valuable variable.
J.V. ❤


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