You Beddah Work

How the hell do you get to sit home. I can’t even say it like I’m jealous because I’m not, scared but not jealous.
Where do you go?
Baffle fills my brain as I try to process how you complain with no work. Your spirit is just heavy with negativity and you have so much more than me. I mean in one or two areas I supersede in expectations but then again I work. I never got people who were waking up everyday with nothing pushing them to move forward. Like how is it humanly possible that you’re in touch with world currency and you live by doing nothing. No I’m not bashing black people who are on welfare sitting home in a rent controlled apart with light assistance. I’m addressing people who lack the ethic of work regardless of their living standards. So many of us live with no life, nothing that offers some challenge that results in evolving. I’m mad at myself because I’ve let some of you rub off on me to where as though I don’t consent rate solely on my work but I’m scared. I’m scared you’ll die without legend or a story. How many people has this happened too? They live with no will for more or aspirations of life with various chapters of triumph and accomplishment.
Are you sure you’re working because its more than what’s on the outside that hinders you from seeing outside.


  1. Well said. Working is not simply a 9 to 5. Evolving, serving and contributing is to live. But living requires work.

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