The Write side of Now.

I would like to thank each and every reader of mine. We are now in 2013 and some changes have been made to accommodate dreams. When asked WHY? just say BECAUSE.


I always acknowledge my hurdles because that’s is where my inspirations come from. 2012 offered some uncomfortably in my life, people coming and going leaving me to question my existence and what would become of me. How can I offer advice to others with so many question marks in my life. Why can I write all the right things but live in such a bad way. I’m strong through a blog but weak in real life. I’m loved on twitter and instagram but who really knows me in real life? Often times I’d meet people and they would ask me questions that made me feel like I was being interviewed. As if the conversation and questions asked were on purpose. I’m so cool with questions but there was this one that would always come with a pause. Are you happy? Of course I say yes I am even though my face and gut bared a different answer.

 Defense would be my feeling and I’d immediately end the conversation and veer off into some other topic but I wasn’t. How should you measure your happy, I don’t know? If I pretend to be content with my life and everything around me then maybe it’ll come, no? Sometimes I get those moments where I feel so excited and warm and almost close to but it’s not happy.

So then I brainstorm on all that I have versus all that I know and then divide that by what I am doing. Lets just say I came up real short. I need some pep, encouragement  a challenge or goal to meet. Shouldn’t we wake up ready to fight for something we want everyday? If I derail my dreams by a dull reality I am bound to fail.

SO, with that being said I decided to make a resolution that involved action and I made a move. A move towards a different future, leaving behind people that were in an environment that I once called home and starting a new.




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