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I swear I just cannot keep up with you. The emotional roller coaster is getting to be too much for me. How can I trust you when I can’t trust you? I wish you were here to hear me explain me…

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The often misconstrued person that takes everything to heart is me. I know that majority of the things discussed on a daily basis among-st friends, associates and general public is love. We talk about it when we’re liking a post on instagram, retweeting a tweet from Rihanna or just answering a text message with a smile. Love is the reaction and action but we get ahead of ourselves in confusing the momentary caring for love. Let’s just talk about me since that’s all there is right now. I always get hit with emails, phone calls and tweets from people seeking my romantic advice. It leaves me puzzled because I haven’t been in a real relationship since before Anthony was born (6 years ago). What the hell do I know about how to make it work? Could people misconstrued my public knowledge for me knowing what love is? I am that guy that often times gets hurt because people display they care about the 2 days we spent together but not anything beyond. I remember thinking that offering sex would extension the courtship amongst me and that person. FAIL So many times I thought that me conforming whether it was changing my clothes, rearranging my life or pretending to know things that I didn’t would help me get that love. FAIL

How could I be a fool but know what you should do with your love? I don’t even care enough about you to consider your problems mine. Can I help you but shit can you help me? We have to start seeking ourselves out to understand in what capacity we can deal with humans. Knowing what you care about and can handle is knowing your world. If none of those things have check marks on them there’s an error. As I have said in previous writings “If there’s a question, there’s an error.”

Loving you is loving me.

Caring isn’t always sharing.



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