trust brandyAs you may or may not know I am a Brandy fan. Upon the release of her latest (greatest) LP #TwoEleven Brandy has gained lots of media attention but lack luster record sales. We live in a time where most artists whether they be new or old have a much harder time selling records. Some say the internet and the easy access to downloads have lots to do with it but I’d say it’s more of a music industry issue and what is left of it. R&b to me seems to have fallen to the background and majority of the musical attention is given to Pop. Most of today’s listeners are checking for the same artists such as Rihanna, Beyonce & Lady Gaga. So when someone as authentic and iconic as Ms Norwood (in my opinion) drops new music it tends to be overlooked. Bloggers and various musicals critics also seem to be a little more critical to the artists that aren’t heavily saturating radio, making it hard for so many talented people to have the best light shinned on them. So when another great artist such as Solange Knowles began to speak on this issue a few days ago we we’re all ears. Solo, who is best known as being Beyonce’s fashionable but artistic sister began to speak her mind on Twitter about Brandy being not given a fair shot we listened. She went on to say how Brandy has some “deep cuts” and how critics should be more note worthy on speaking about things the really don’t know. I took it upon myself to share some work that I consider serious treasures.


Romeo & Juliet



2nd Thought

Silent Night

Come As You Are


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