Why? Thank You

Hello, good morning I am having a rather interesting day figuring out what to do and how to do it. Life could use an instruction manual in my opinion, not even to be ahead of the game but just to obsolete the BS. Today isn’t directly about me though but about something I watched happen and how it made me feel. If you care read on and who knows this might be about you too!


Seems to me like expectations get higher as time goes on and on. I hear so many people speak about what they want from a person or what they expect from their job. Listing the amount of times someone neglected to pay them back or return a favor. I am also a victim of expecting gratitude for an extension of help I’ve given. Probably should listened to mom when she said, “if you can’t give it don’t lend it.” Hey we live learn and prosper (majority of the time) but do we actually learn? If I let you borrow money from me when I know that you are someone who does not pay what you owe what does that make me? How can I have high expectations of you returning something borrowed when that’s not in your makeup? Let’s just take it a step further, I am in a relationship and with that sometimes comes love. I love this person so much that I occasionally go out and pick them up little gifts. It could be a nice card and some chocolate or a nice pair of pants. My thoughts drift to wanting to please this person and a gift is my way of sometimes showing. When it’s presented they smile or gasp at the thought and gift but quickly return to their natural state. You would think that I should be upset or just so done that I removed myself from the situation right? Well we have to look at the overall pictorial. Is this someone who shows me gratitude or anyone around them? Do I receive the same things from them to show how they really feel about me? Should this person be discredited for being themselves naturally? Those are all things to considered honestly and also who am I to this person?


We’ve all seen award shows where the award is received and the recipient goes on to thank those that they feel deserve such. I often watch to see if God (whomever that may be to them) is mentioned and thanked. Let’s just say I am not as shocked as I used to be to never hear the name called.  Now I could judge them and say “they don’t deserve that award.” I could assume they forgot because the moment was so serious that they drew a blank. How about simplifying it down to them just not holding God as a factor.

Now let’s round all of this up and see what we have here. If I never hear someone thank god (whomever that may be to them) why should I expect so much. It’s safe to say that I would naturally come after their spiritual leader but if that serves as a less important person then why am I expecting so much. I am grateful to had learned this the hard way in my past but I feel so disappointed that so many others around me set themselves up for failure by waiting for that thank you. Waiting for that card or letter filled with love, affection and gratitude from people who don’t love and respect themselves or their mothers and fathers. WHY IS THAT? We should minimize the amount of attention paid to those that don’t reciprocate the same.





  1. My point exactly !!! Whatever relationship/how a person treats GOD. Normally will be equivalent to their relationships on EARTH . If a person doesnt have time for GOD ;people dont matter…..LUV THIS JAMIR ITS SOOOO TRUE

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