You should smile more…

Today could have been so low, the clouds in the sky already set the tone. Waking up I wanted to close my eyes and just go back to not seeing. But once again we must get up and just do our thing. Do you know of anyone that did not wake up?


HIS OUTLOOK: Looking as nice as I can look I rush out the door despite my conflicting feelings and I just go. Another job interview, so I guess that means holding the door for others, pleasantly greeting them with fake smiles and meaningless conversation. I wonder if this Hugo Boss “Pure” I have on is covering up the smog in my attitude. I swear I could have just stayed in bed and pretended to care another time. Sometimes I get jealous, they don’t know though, I really don’t even know who “they” are but I envy them. Man I swear I just put gas in my car and now look I need more but whatever. Arriving here flustered and just out of breath I made it. As I sit and listen to this interviewer I realize that once again I am being proposed with lackluster promises of substantial employment. Hmm I wonder did they even read the resume or am I just another “suit” that they’ll use to fill in the gaps where this company lacks. I have a Bachelor’s degree and a mighty extensive resume but I won’t say. Let me just keep  smiling and prove myself through my wit and conversation. Seems like I am being looked over but I won’t assume because that’ll just piss me off and I really need this. Do I really or should I just pretend like I do until everyone knows my name? God I am so talented when will people know?

THEIR OUTLOOK: Wow who is this young black guy with this suit and tie on? Seems like he could potentially be a good kid. Looks as though he works at some kind of corporate place doing business things or maybe he’s going to court. I bet he just holds the door for white women or men of standard not considering me because I’m a young black chic HA! Nice look but why must his beard be that thick oh well I will hold the elevator for him but I will NOT make conversation with this nigger. He is probably here because he thinks he could have a job like mines but it’s not likely; especially for “them.” Well maybe this guy can be good for right now, it wouldn’t matter anyway because he could be replaced if anything…

REALITY: When you awake and realize your living and breathing you should do just that. Take no time to frown, complain or develop feeling of ill will towards the day. Sometimes we go through things to merely learn lessons to help us build upon our lives. Confidence should exude your spirit until it shows through your attitude and character. Life will continue to be unpredictable but you set boundaries for yourself and that’s why you must break them. There’s no reason why you can’t do anything but there are tons of reasons of why you should be doing something. Even I get weak and feel like giving up whether it’s waking up to go look for work or taking the time out to write for this blog but sacrifice breeds success and I refuse to lose. If you not you then who? If not now then when?



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