Everyone is my Teacher

life is my teacher

I listen when there is something to be heard and I watch only if there’s something to be seen. Sometimes I waste time looking and listening to things that I shouldn’t but that is the curious, human side of me. I get excited when I feel like I’ve stolen a gem from someone who didn’t even know that I was listening. More than likely I’ve laughed or let out a faint ‘hmmp’ when I hear something that makes me forget where or why I am. Have you ever been standing in line at Walmart and someone is inviting you into their phone conversation because they are just too loud. Despite not being able to hear the voice on the other end you began piecing together the main idea of what is happening. Whether it be negative or positive you feel the need to make a mental comment to yourself. Even if that comment is you saying “self, please don’t ever talk on your phone in the store it’s just so unfortunate for everyone else around you.” Or you could be debating a major decision in your life, something big for you. It could be relocating and starting over or maybe the contemplation of those shoes you feel you work so hard for and deserve. Suddenly you are subconsciously drawn to someone speaking about how they deserve this or should have that and your subconscious is instantly validated with pleasure. Although you’ve only held your ears open wide enough to catch that little piece of that person’s brain you are grateful.

Let’s take that and flip it into how you carry yourself on a daily basis. Whether your day goes good or bad there are those fleeting moments that you miss. You may be a person who despises getting up early so you wake up with that ‘it’s too early’ chip on your shoulder wishing anyone dare test you.  Your energy wreaks of ‘don’t mess with me.’ You walk into work while barely looking up, hoping no one speaks to you on your way to the office. A passerby who just had the worst night ever because of a personal problem that has them contemplating screaming, crying or quitting gives you a smile and a “good morning.” You never look up but mumble it back and instantly that person’s feeling is changed. Your lack of interest in their greeting has caused them to go right back to that dark place. You go on about your day attempting to shake off the morning anguish but just like that you’ve already ruined someone’s day without even noticing. This is called using your life as a way to pass on bad energy something I believe to be a transfer or negativity. You could only expect to be given that same good morning one day and who knows how it’ll affect you.

We as humans often make errors when having exchanges with others because we base most things on how we feel and benefit only. This is where you have to understand how you are always in the position to learn as well as teach. Most of us do the same thing every day so we feel comfortable in that but when something throws us off course we are immediately bothered. Upset at not being able to depict the outcome of our day because of a detour. Those moments are so important to our existence because that detour is probably not an accident, pay attention to the signs. I remember feeling so stressed out because I was rushing to leave one job to go to another. My car’s alternator decides to go and I have to restructure my day to have a tow truck haul me and my car to the auto mechanic. My mind began racing at how inconvenient this day has been, how I cannot financially afford this right now and how things have just turned so bad. Cut to me getting into the truck with the tow truck driver and him wanting to talk and me being caught up in my self-pity. While in the truck, I couldn’t help but notice how tired but happy the man appeared to be. His constant yawns would turn right back into a smirk or smile. Shortly before he got me to my mechanic he began to talk to me about gratitude. I could not tell you how he got there but he would go on and on about how he was just happy to be able to work to earn a comfortable living for himself. I would open up eventually and soon forget about why or how I ended up in that truck with him. Not because I could not see but it was that I stopped hearing him and began to listen. It was as if he was giving me a mirror to see myself and how ungrateful I had been in throughout the day. I was fortunate enough to have the resources and God given strength to make all of that happen where I got my car to where it needed to be and was able to get it done so I could get back on the road. I would eventually smile to myself as I was pulling away from the auto mechanic thinking of how happy I was to have had that moment. Also how grateful I was that this stranger was able to utilize his life to show me what I needed to see.

In time, our minds, eyes and ears will be opened to something that we are supposed to know. That something is meant to improve our life’s journey or teach us what we need to know to life a full life of gratitude and joy. A something that can make you love when there is none, fight when you thought you had none and hope where you can see none. Leave yourself open enough to receive what you need to learn. Hopefully what is learned can be passed on to someone else that is in need. Consciously moving through life enough to spread the right kind of energy can lead you to paths that will only push you forward—for the greater good. The next time you hear something, try listening what you learn may change your life.

Vashon Wade 2017

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