Everyday Epiphanies

Sooooo it’s Monday and I woke up with a very disturbing sty on my eye that I did not notice until I was holding my niece Kiara and walked pass a mirror only to see my right eye quite swollen. Luckily my brain still works enough and I can share my weekend with you all.

To me, there’s nothing like meeting new people. I value my person to person relationships with my family and friends who are my family but I cannot resist meeting and making accidental connections with strangers. Keeping yourself surrounded by people who are all interested in different things can and will always teach you more about the person as well as yourself. When I’m with my friends we drink, laugh and share everyday real life stories with one another about whatever we’ve been up to. I don’t know if we stop and take the time to realize how important that is to all of us. Venting is something we do but never realize how it can turn into influential advice or bring about particular epiphanies. I always know that when I spend time with my dear friend Marie I’ll be making a new encounter with something unfamiliar and maybe even confirmation of internal situations. This past weekend, Marie wanted to go to lunch and then vintage shop all over Philadelphia and I obliged. I’m usually worried about my spending habits but I’ve never really been a fan other people’s clothing so I knew I’d just be tagging along. Customer service will always play a part in my purchasing something no matter where I am. The first shop had labels but lacked anything involving customers or service which made our exit as easy as our entrance. The next store was very quaint but vintage and there were about two customers and a grungy but chic looking white guy on a Mac book that greeted us with a hello. Wilbur was the name of the little shop and the clothing seemed more like hidden treasures. Every piece from real 1980s Adidas track jackets to stone washed classic Guess jeans and leathers that weren’t even cut like they were made within the last two decades. Between the clothing and the comfortable conversation with the cool store owner I took a lot from that store and thankfully I didn’t have to pay but so much. Leaving there we also ventured to Tucker’s Digs where this cool lady named Lisa was dressed in a dark cape with cynicism written all over her face. The fur coats and sequence gowns weren’t enough to keep her strong personality hidden, deep down inside I had no interest in any of the clothing, just conversation. I never knew that fabric row offered so much history and also cool personalities to related too. While watching Oprah interview Whitney Houston’s family I heard how appreciative they all sounded to only had met and connected with the singer. Her family expressed how they never really had concern for the celebrity but were more intrigued by just the person. The things you can get from people that mean the most are not things that can be that have financial value. The connecting of spirits can leave you feeling extremely rich which will ultimately lead to you living and feeling that way in your life. Have more conversations with new people with new things to offer you that hold depths of meaning. I paid for a couple of things this weekend but the people that I met and the simple things I’ve learned has made me seek out more and more of what I don’t know. To live seems to discover and that’s nothing but another word for learning. Never let your ground consist of which you’ve already walked on. Branch out and explore the possibilities of what you could get from anywhere or anyone.

*Wilbur Vintage/Designer Clothing

716 South 4th Street Philadelphia, PA 19147

Tucker’s Digs

723 South 4th Street Philadelphia, PA 19147

I Loved, Discovered, Cherished and Remembered

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