Dude, where’s my love?

Woke up feeling sick this morning, tried to thug it out and go to work until my body demanded I stay back. Mother was on her way to work, called me inquiring about something else and decided she had to come check me just to make sure I was semi-normal.
Every time my parents do things like that it makes me think about those that don’t. Whomever they are, I feel for them to not have that support system behind them to give that parental push or pull in the best direction. I remember having conversations with people that never knew that motherly love or a father’s touch. My reaction would be sorrow and sometimes disbelief to hear that the parent lived around the corner and never bothered to even see their child. Life always deal cards of I expectancy, I never knew my dad wouldn’t be around until he wasn’t and I was 6 years old with only one living parent. Growing up without my father hurt me but I think if I had to be without my mother it would’ve broke me. She’s been there every single second to support me and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Loosing a parent to death is beyond anyone’s control but loosing them in life is what? Negligence, abandonment and just plain old wrong, why should a child be conceived, born and left to fend for themselves? Having the privilege of having uncles, grandparents and step parents can be counted as a blessing but that never stops the child from questioning the circumstance. So many people take advantage of not having to work hard as a parent, to the point where they do nothing at all without ever thinking of what it could or will do to their child. I am thankful for the people that helped raise me, when mom was working late. I’ve learned so much from so many different sources and I believe it really does take a village to raise a child. Consider yourself lucky if you’ve had even a quarter of the village because you’ve probable escaped emotional difficultly as an adult. So many developmental issues that occur during childhood are the very things that cause long term suffering to so many adults in the world. No matter who you are and where you come from there will never be a love like that of your own mother and father. Although we learn to cope without having one or both there’s still a big void that nobody else can fill. I for one salute contributors especially the ones that participated in my life. Having known so many women and men that take over as parents for children in various households although it may not be easy, I salute you for taking pride in the becoming of any child. Some of greatest gifts I feel you can offer is love, support and comfort.


  1. I’ve been waiting for a read like this one. Thank you for speaking for me👏👏👏👏 Because lord knows I struggle everyday with my step son and his absent mother. Who seems not to care that her absence causes him to have breakdowns. What do you say when she doesn’t even have all of her kids?? How many excuses do u make knowing things will never change?

    1. Sadly enough there’s nothing you can say to correct wronged behavior but you can always give the child love comfort and stability and also be honest enough to know that the kid still needs that parent regardless of however you feel about the person and also honest enough to know you’re doing an amazing job by just doing for the child at all (run on sentence lol) but yeah you’re amazing!

  2. Wow! Almost 7 years ago my dad talked me out of getting an abortion with my now 6 yr old son…I was so concerned and caught up in the financial aspects of raising a child…my dad said to me “Did u think we were rich when u were growing up? Let me tell u somethin girl being a parent is not about what u have its about who u are and what u make it. All kids need is love and guidance and that don’t cost a thing” …I learned 2 valuable lessons that day….love support & guidance definitely make a difference & more so when its from a parent #BeThere

    1. Yes!!!! That’s the best thing ever to be able to refer back to what your father said and I actually see through your own eyes that it’s reality and a great feeling to be able to spread love and knowledge to your own! ♥

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