Re-Inspired Motivation

Why can’t I stay motivated to workout on a consistent schedule. I remember when I used to run 3-6 miles everyday with no ifs ands or butts. It seems like Every time I think about running now I seem to become distracted with excuses on why I don’t feel like it. I need to do better…

What is your motivation? I see people working towards so many different goals and I still have trouble tackling various ones all at once. Is it impossible to give 100% to every single aspect of your life. I want to believe that you can be focused and put energy into exercise, career, education and personal life but can you? My life has always been lead by things that had to be done and whatever I wanted was secondary and I would always over achieve to conquer what had to be done so the secondary can really have my focus.

In my adult years it’s sort of like that but I seem to be more weighed down then I was before do the secondary seems to be lacking in the motivation department.Exercise is something that used to be so important to me and it honestly was because I was confused. I used to hate how I looked because I thought others did. Relationships will motivate you to do so much to keep it together and I thought I had to be a certain weight to be in a healthy one. I had broken up from someone that did not like my size and would always encourage me to become more fit. Being as though I’m someone who challenges a challenge I made it a point to get in shape to prove that person wrong. Then I became so depressed and obsessed with the thought of sadness that I ran a those miles for therapeutic reasons. Becoming so thin that even strangers noticed my motivation which became satisfaction and the working out slowed down only to nothing. Why can’t the things I push for be encouraged by my loved needs and wants for me? I need to become the king of my palace and incorporate courage for prosperity without having doubt and negativity at the reigns. Now that I understand that certain things have to come from deep down inside of me I will dig until further notice. If you go into anything with an underlining outcome to only do it on a particular basis then that’s all you’ll get. Think about how bad you want or need to make that move, just fucking do it and think about that other shit later!


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