It’s Monday but I gotta chill.

Always remember that the future comes one day at a time. – Dean Acheson

This quote has not been able to escape my brain since I read it on the back of a magazine Friday night. Quotes are so good because they always offer confirmation.

I am always in a rush! I wake up for work on time everyday with the intent to be on time and I subconsciously do things that push me to the limit. On top of being late and rushing my patience is shorter than African remi hair. (lol i can joke with you right?) I just cannot collect myself to at least try to move at a steady pace to alleviate rushing. So guilty of setting stupid life perimeters that have truthfully helped me keep order in my life but forced me to fall over at times. College life, working at an early age and just having real responsibilities prepped me early for life on the go. I’m so used to running around having multiple things to accomplish at once that I go crazy when I have down time. Why can’t I relax enough to enjoy the fact that I’ve lived another day. Sometimes I rush to the point of forgetting and as short as life is I want to have memory of every little part of my life.  Amidst obsessions over Trayvon Martin, gas prices and just the overall life struggle there’s always circumstance that leads to patience

If I continue to leave the house and leave lunch, keys, phone it will lead to me leaving something that affects my entire day. I don’t want to become the person that has no time for time. Even the hardest of workers have to have to shut down and regroup. True, I will not accomplish all things in one day but killing myself trying to could ultimately happen. Death is something that always reminds me to take more time out to enjoy the simple things.

But I'll wait...

It’s the constant reality check that keeps on checking. The ultimate realization that strikes us all the same no matter the color religion or country. Knowing that everything has to end I want to appreciate the beginning and middle on the journey. Take the time out to acknowledge that everything happens in the specific purpose of that current time. Patience will always be a virtue just like walks in the park or free money. When you’re so worried about what you’re going to do when you wake up, do you consider what to do if you don’t?

Considérez le temps qu’il a fallu pour comprendre ce sujet, mais vous avez appris.


  1. Yes! I! was! late! this! morning!
    AaaRrrGgghhhhhhhhh!! more time this month and I get a write-up..Monday down four more to go…………hmmm ~ got a sudden urge to sing an old hymn..

    “…circumstance that leads to patience.” FA REAL!!..and then I’ve got the nerve to become impatient with my impatience……..whatda#%!?

    ……….:::+Justice for Trayvon+:::……….

    Je vous remercie de cesse de contribuer a mon education.


    1. you’re so right! We go so hard on ourselves for all the wrong reasons instead of taking the time to rectify and solve our things….progression is possible because we still living 🙂 *pumps fist*

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