MY shoes.

I swear I’ve heard nothing but “womp womp womp womp” throughout my entire day. There’s always a good a bad and a but damn, can comprehension be more obvious…

The last time I checked, I was the only person that wore my shoes. Why oh why do people insist on assuming they know what’s inside of them? I cannot deal with assumptions and I really hate when there made after you’ve been told. Knowing that someone took the time out to explain themselves to you should make you comprehend right? Not if you do not listen and learn, something we stress children to do but as adults not so much. As I’ve said before you’ll never be too old or young to learn. By taking the time to listen you’re garnering new information that will help you understand the source or subject.

One size does NOT fit all.

Tormenting myself is what I used to do when trying to figure why the world doesn’t think like me. I would always question the actions of others and say, “but why, you don’t see?” I never knew that most people create their own perceptions of things without considering others. See, people always put themselves first, you really should though in order to live your best life. What you shouldn’t do is expect anyone else to sympathize or convert to your way of thinking. Never assume that anyone else sees things from your eyes. Communication was designed to education each other on what we mean. Since we all do this differently we need to watch and learn to know. The way you speak, love, communicate, exchange and live will be different. It’s only fair to consider and respect someone’s view/opinion. We never consider the opposition until that’s the side we’re on.  I have trouble dealing with those who want to be heard but cannot listen. Not being able to listen will only tell me that you’re not worthy of my time or attention. You’ll always need to be heard but will you really listen? I know that when I speak I would like to be heard and that’s why I will always have to listen. Patience is key to learning the right way to do anything.

Even though what I said made sense to me, someone will read this and not understand but it’s okay. Listening is learning whether you understand or not.



  1. ..take the time to thoughtfully consider my neighbor’s circumstance?..and care?..too much like right…………i’d like to print, duplicate, and pass this out (especially at work)……..but then when someone looks you dead in the face and tells you point-blank they don’t give a damn about the extra-ness they’re bringing……..bottom line is there exists a faction who will never want harmony ’cause they get high on chaos……..i’ve always appreciated the person who upon asking, ‘how ya doing?’ — then waits for an answer — FOR REAL..


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