The 25 year old writer.

I have soooo been neglecting my writing but my mind and time has been going. Can’t believe I’m 25 years old today!!!! I’m in such a nostalgic mood right now….

I love birthdays! Always have and I think the older I get the more I feel the real me and 25 is definitely me seeing what it is to be that man that once was a boy. I’ve learned to deal with everything upfront with aggression and hope to get more knowledgeable as to what I’m here for. I remember wondering what life would be like at this point for me. I would always focus on the material aspects of what I wanted this age to bring. How much money and fun I’d be having without the thought of how blessed I would be to even make it here. There’s nothing that can prepare you for life like experience and growth. Knowing I’ve grown to know that life is just too short to count material things as my life’s time line. If I revel in the blessings and understand that I have the opportunity to pursue life a bit harder and much smarter then I am truly winning. Making it this far I have such an appreciation for the smallest things. Age has definitely brought me wisdom and patience with a side of still learning! Blessed to be able to discover my talents in writing and understanding that it was always in me and that god designed me to be a walking testimony. Sharing my story through words on my I phone notepad taken from the realms of my life. Loving the fact that everyday offers new knowledge that I am eager to spread for the greater good.

25 more memories

You can never account for every blessing but if you stay humble and on a steadfast path you’ll hopefully be around and well to enjoy them as they come. Now that I’m at a point where I thought everything would

be perfect and it’s not, should I be worried? What was the reason for 25 being the point of perfection to begin with? Does the time ever come where you reach an age where you’re just happy with everything? Well I’ll just be happy right now and leave everything else alone.

Thankful that I’m a 25 year old black man reaping the benefits of living.

I’m good.



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