Mixed Feelings

I’ve always been annoyed by routine. I hate when things are just the same. My clothes, people’s attitudes, food and the weather annoy me when it’s just the same way every time. I usually try to use my opinion along with the views of others to formulate feelings on particular subjects. That’s why you guys read this and it sometimes helps. What if I consistently wrote the same way, about the same thing every time? It would bore the hell out of you. I totally agree, it’s easy to form a pattern of how to do things but it’s not what you should do. If we fight and I’m always the one to apologize, whether I am wrong or not it creates a pattern of destruction. I’ll become weary of having to always be the one to handle whatever the situation. Driving to work the same way, 5 days a week, coming home to do the same thing the same way every time can be completely frustrating.  There should be some sort of change to mix things up. Most of the time things will change on their own and sometimes for the worst. When this happens we immediately “miss the way it used to be” without seeing what lesson is needed. You have to turn right after always going left. If you’re a person that has to completely match their clothing, mix and match sometimes to see what the outcome is. If you don’t have sole variety in your life you forget to actually live and learn. Experience is the push needed to go for what’s next. If you’re comfortable in the same place without seeing anything else, you’ll just never know.

My list of new news for me

  • Create your own lane
  • Try new foods Read more books w/ varied subjects
  • Go against your inner self
  • Look for obscurity within yourself
  • Make change
  • Have more fun
  • Pray more
  • Learn something new
  • …..


*Pic credit: Kelis River Island Graduate Fashion Week (2)


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