The Privilege of Privacy

Good morning. I hope this Friday is offering some relief and peace for you all. Yesterday was a pretty good day as this vacation from work wraps ups. Visited some old work friends and we had the reminisces of work and things that took place. When you talk about past instances you realize so much.

Shouldn't have to ask...

One of my friends in particular is very nosy. She knows because I told her so reading this will be no surprise whatsoever and she’s not the only one. We discussed many things, including our relationships, past present and future. It’s amazing to hear people’s honest opinions about you and the decisions you’ve made, especially when their opinion is pushed upon you. I’ve always been the person to talk to about any and every thing so it left me not really wanting to talk to anyone about me. When I’m involved there’s one place in particular that my personal life is not entitled too and that’s where I work. I’ve been in the highest and lowest work positions over the years so I know how it works. Everybody talks and for it to be about me and whomever I am dating is not cool. I’ve never been comfortable with that, privacy is something I value as important, of the information isn’t offered don’t seek it. So my friend says “I was so upset that you wouldn’t just admit that you were dating X_______ I saw the picture I’m your phone and I can tell how you both were acting.”  So I said “why did you feel as though you were entitled, you should’ve just made an assumption and moved on with your life quietly.”

Why is it that folks feel entitled to your personal endeavors? Do you not have the right and choice to expose what you want? If I am purposely trying to hold something in, does that mean pry harder? Sometimes I think we can get carried away with our interests in the lives of others. I say we when I know and understand that we’re all guilty of the same things. Learning to keep quiet and stay in my own lane is something that comes with age and experience. The more you pry into my business that is not yours the more I’ll blatantly keep you out!

Doors were made to be opened and closed (shifts lock)


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  1. I love how you pointed out that ppl think there entitled to what goes on in your life. Interesting point great substance in that.

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