Don’t tell me. I already know.

Good morning. It’s Monday and I am returning to work with an unsure spirit. I just hoped that I would have another job by now but God moves at his pace so I’ll be patient. While discussing my previous blog writings with someone, they assumed that my writing was simply out of order or just not one the same page. What page is that?

This should tell you everything, right?

It’s amazing how you just simply have to consider positive and negatives. Of course, no one wants to hear negative things about something that means a lot to them. I view it as important to understand how the general public feel about certain things, especially my blog. I do write most of the blog for therapeutic reasons but also to be a vessel for any or every one else to see and relate. it’s easy to assume what this is for if you based this blog and who’s writing it off of what many others are doing. Being informed about celebrities, outfits worn at popular events and how much money Oprah is making today is cool but just not my twist. I think its important to be socially aware but my subconscious is more concerned with being emotionally aware. I know how challenging life can be everyday for myself and just like me, we all go through things. Assuming that I know exactly what  people want to read is not what I am here for. If I can write and have at least one person related then I am okay with that.

Perception is something that’s hard not to live by but it’s easily mistaken for knowing what you don’t. Often we perceive things to be in light of which we would want. When Whitney Houston died, everyone had based her last few days of life, along with her behavior years ago and assumed they knew why she had died. Something’s are meant to be questioned until the answer is given, it is is at all offered. There’s been plenty of times when I had heard things being said about myself and I was more comfortable with people making assumptions then actually explaining myself. Is this correct to do if you want to just remain silent? Could we walk around basing our actions off of perception and really be taken seriously? Perceiving is something we do when we just don’t know, should we know? If you perceive someone wrongly, what if you never get the opportunity to perceive them the right way? How do you then look?

I’m totally comfortable with knowing that the way I walk, speak and think will bring folk to draw conclusions but I don’t want my actions being dictated just to “look” a certain way. In the real world, bold moves will brings out bold statements and statements lead to questions that will be answered if necessary. The best advice I can offer about perception is that there will always be room for you to be perceived.

But what are you doing anyway? Id rather be worried about what I’m doing rather then breaking down what anyone else might be going…

There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception.”
— Aldous Huxley

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