#DidYouSee: Think Like A Man

Good afternoon. I usually do not blog on Saturdays because I believe this is the day of experience where you should be out and about but this is my world so it can be subject to change and for good reason.

Think Like You.


Yesterday I was invited by my cousin Chike Evans, a contributor/writer/interviewer for the Steven Knight show to see the new Steve Harvey movie Think Like A Man, based on his NY Times best-selling book. I am not a person who catches movies on a regular basis let alone on opening weekend but I had been intrigued by the book which lead my curiosity to attend. I expected the theater to be extremely crowed on the opening day but luckily it was a matinée and most people were still at work. While watching the film I had various thoughts running through my head like, where is this headed, was the making of this film intended for Steve to get more readers and would this be a male bashing session? I was happily disappointed once the movie was over and eager to spread the word on just how great it actually was. Despite the fact that I hate a movie that has too many celebrities in it everyone did exceptionally well.  Three actors in particular stuck out to me and they were, Megan Good, Terrance J and Taraji P Henson. These were three people who I had gotten used to seeing on television but never in roles such as these. Taraji, a single career woman who held herself in high regard but yearned for that companionship of a domineering man by her side. Terrance played a spoiled mama’s boy who was extremely cultured, kind and easy on the eyes. Megan was a young, sexy and single black woman who had slept with one too many guys on the first night in hopes of finding that “real love.” It was very refreshing to see these three people in roles that were so relate-able and not what their real life persona has shown us.

I was also impressed with how Steve Harvey who may not have directly starred in the film made his on and off cameos explaining the various chapters of the book while they were acted out in the film. Similar to Two Can Play That Game, in the light of Vivica A. Fox narrating the film as it carried out but with much more acting and less talking. Some may say that the movies ending went against the premise of the book which was to show women how to finagle men in to doing what they wanted them to do. The movie did give somewhat of a “Hollywood” ending in which everyone leaves happy which is not what real life is all about. What I did get from the movie was that no matter how or what you do to try to force someone to love and care for you by a set of rules, life will always lead the way. It was refreshing to see a Black star-studded film filled with the right amount of humor, information, sexy and just all around realness made by us for everyone.

I’d say go see the movie even if you haven’t read the book because you’ll get all you need from the film and then some!


Vashon Wade 2012



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