Expect Less: Get more?

Today was a fair day, I mean Monday’s are generally wack but I won’t complain. My mind has been focus on goals I’ve yet to meet. I must raise my self expectations…who else will?

Get rid of them all….

It’s amazing how we hold our expectations of others higher than the ones we set for ourselves. We expect our lovers to always get our feelings and just know what we want without having to say a word. The only time we contest our friendships is when our friends aren’t there when we’d like them to be. There’s even the times when we may be having a bad day and we expect total strangers to just get it and stay out of our way. Knowing all of this is true, I myself have an issue with setting great standards and holding everyone but myself accountable. What is an expectation exactly? In my opinion, it’s a level of standard in which is required by a particular person. When require something, we want it and with much restriction. What happens when the restriction is not fair? Should we make other people abide by our rules as if this is our world they’re living in? If we do not meet or measure up to our own standards, how can we set demands of others? My mind races to think about how many times I’ve held people captive and made them feel obligated. Knowing all the pressure I’ve put on people in the past i feel extremely remorseful. because I know I am not where should be by my own standards; those of which are the only that matter. Life can be so unsure at times that we must really demand more of ourselves and stick to it. From this point on I am relinquishing my obligations of anyone in any of the relationships that I have. No more will I make demands and behave as if I am owed anything. This will also go hand in hand with me knowing that I too owe no one nothing and I’ll put myself first and foremost.

Nothing comes without hard work and discipline. Looking at myself in the mirror and knowing I’ve done wrong is step one in the direction of doing something right. Would you feel more comfortable having relationships where nothing is expected of you? The best feeling is to be accepted for who and what you are. You will always value when you’re genuinely looked at in the light of what you represent. Suppose you came across a person that wanted you to change and another that didn’t, which would be more appealing? I’d rather be loved for what I am rather than what I am not!


J.V. ❤

“Anger always comes from frustrated expectations”

Elliot Larson

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