Lets 10% Dis

Wow! It’s been too long but we all have to retreat to our safe haven whatever or wherever that is. Writing can be therapeutic for me sometimes but it also can cripple me to the point of exhaustion. I took a break but I’ve thought of you guys and needed your opinions…

…making decisions and choices

Lets go for a ride, there’s room for everyone. I need you to dig deep with me for a second or two. Imagine that you’re in a store and you see these hot shoes that you want but they’re a bit too much. They’re not too much for you to wear but they are too much to afford. You keep an eye out hoping that something changes whether it be your financial status or the price point. Suddenly you hear of a sale but it’s only offering 10% off of the shoe you want. Quite disappointing to say the least but it’s to be expected based on the authenticity and brand of the product. Now let’s go a bit further and equate this to a relationship but in reverse. How can we do that you say, how does it even relate? When dealing with someone, anyone you can use percentile as a way of measurement in the situation. Now like any sane person you want someone who is offering you 100% of them, correct? Of course you do, I mean you’d have to be a fool not to. Imagine yourself in a relationship or friendship even and giving your 100% self to that person but only receiving 10%. Under what circumstance would that be fair, even if it started out that way, wouldn’t you expect progress based on the time elapsed? Shouldn’t there be specific wagers placed upon the situation?

Now it’s safe to say that a pair of shoes versus a person can differ very much so but percentage speaks volumes in measuring what things are and should be. Nobody wants to be loved 10% percent especially when they’ve given more than that and even though the person/situation might be worth the wait you may not receive all that you expected. Disappointment in my opinion comes from us and our own expectations. We ignore reality because of our desires and we miss out on so much. Then we come to the point of having to figure out when we should tap out. How will I know if and when it’ll be what I want it to be?

From what I’ve learned you’ll never really know. Lets go back to the shoes, you can purchase them at full price and have what you think you want right then and there but… The but is when you see someone with the same exact shoes days, weeks or months later and they say they got them for half price. It hurts to know that you invested so much more while someone else got the same thing as you for much less. You never want to work hard and sacrifice something for someone who has no intention on giving you the worth in which you deserve. Then again you have no real way of knowing is it even worth it. The best thing to do is to know what your value is and to never abandon it at no costs. Staying true to you will always have the greatest payoff in any situation no matter the time. Love will cause a blur unless it’s the love of yourself.

These are just my thoughts…but how will I know?

J.V. (I’ve missed all of you, the 100%)

*pic credit* poeticjustice/miramaxfolims.com (happy birthday Janet!)


  1. You preaching to the choir! This is deep! But who wants to give 100% to only get 10%!!! This is going to be tough but changes must take place!

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