I know my crew is going to read this like WTF, who is he talking about? It’s kind of hard writing about yourself.  Probably will repeat that forever and forever, especially when I want to express myself without anything else attached to it…but anyway

I used to be a person that would never speak or even look at someone I used to date. After the relationship or as I like to call it ‘situation’ is over I would feel like its unnecessary to have any type of connection whatsoever. As you grow you mature (hopefully) and you make changes based on experience and learning. I realized that humans are common in action and that they base present on future and it shouldn’t be like that. I would break up with someone for whatever reason and make a mental note to hate the person forever. Knowing that those feelings fade and the heart moves on, you change and digress. With that comes progression and then there is the moment when you may cross paths again. Sometimes those meetings are good and other times it’s just a smile wave and that’s it. What happens when there’s more than just a wave and casual conversation? So many things cross your mind, how does he feel about me? Does she remember the way I hurt her and if so does it matter at this point? Confessions of old times and what we were thinking averse to where we are now can help break the ice and maybe then some.

It’s hard to tell if something is meant to be but if it is will it be? I could never understand why someone would leave a person alone only to go back to them. My thinking was that if we broke up and parted ways, it was for a reason. Why would I ever consider coming back to something that didn’t work in the first place? I talked to this lady one day who had been married to a man for 19 years, they had two kids and divorced. They didn’t speak for 5 years only to get back together and remarry. She said that it was fate and love but I thought that those things only happen on television. How can I open myself up to the past without having that sort of mindset? I am currently considering dating a last situation but the way we ended haunts me through every word we utter. Where is Whitney when I need her to sing How Will I Know????  I just wont store the number and I’ll keep my starting lineup just to comfort myself.

I’ll keep you posted *winks*

J.V. ❤


  1. I’m def curious bout who it may be lol….. But like you always tell me “I will support you in whatever you choose!” another great read 🙂 food for my soul!

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