It Ain’t Hard to Tell

I have conversations everyday with damn near everyone it feels like. If you know me then you know it’s hard for me to look at someone who isn’t genuine. Whatever comes from me, trust that it consists of some sort of depth, can I get that in return?

The world is filled with so many unfamiliar things. We have to literally wake up everyday prepared for whatever comes our way. A stranger is someone who isn’t so strange but just unfamiliar to your world. Once you become acquainted with someone you begin to familiarize yourself with their profile as well as character traits. It would behoove you to not study people who cross your path. Have you ever met someone who you just can’t seem to figure though? It’s like you see so much but so little at the same time. I remember not being able to decide whether or not I liked this guy who had been hanging out with a friend of mines. Some days he would appear compassionate, aggressively helpful and just down to earth. Other times we would be out and interacting with a more ‘cultured’ crowd of people and his entire attitude would change. The warm and caring person would be nowhere to be found. I would see a more cold, judgmental and down right snobby person. I would make mental notes and say that if I saw this again I would say something to my friend. Funny thing is I never had the opportunity to bring it up because he had betrayed my friend before I had ever seen him again.

This bothers me for multiple reasons. What if you’re not strong enough to see through people enough to know the good, bad or ugly? How can you trust them when you don’t know you? To the readers that have followed this blog for sometime now knows how much I urge self-love/self-preservation. There’s no success without acknowledging yourself and knowing exactly who you are. Decision making becomes so easy when your standards simply becomes your way of life without force. You don’t want to judge everyone based on how you live and think but shouldn’t there be a particular standard to live by? If I can’t trust you enough to close my eyes and you be there, why look at you when they’re open? The 100% factor of just having you or anyone else figured out is just unrealistic but you should still pay attention to what is there. Seeing is just so much better than believing and if you’re a straight-up kind of person you should attract just that. Nothing is more wonderful than offering the best of you to someone else but the recipient list shouldn’t be but so long. Majority of the issues we encounter with others come from something lacking within us. Before you ask why did they, try asking why didn’t I?

Homework: Imagine you as the most fickle person in the world. What makes you as a person is just overall inconsistency and just bullshit. See how long that lasts for you. Then you should just try being the same way everyday and you’ll find it very easy to see what is for you averse to what is not.

Hard times arouse an instinctive desire for authenticity – Coco Chanel

J.V. ❤

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