Where’s Your Focus?

Every time I forget something that I was supposed to do I get so pissed. My mind is to blame until I can figure out whose fault it really is. I swear I could just have a panic attack right now, why can’t I remember?????

Challenges are reminders that nothing is constant. When I say nothing is constant I’m basically saying that whenever you get comfortable things will just change. If they don’t change you should be a little fearful because that may not be a good thing. We lose stuff and get frustrated but then end up finding something just as important while looking for what we initially lost. Some of us may lose things more than others but it happens. I sometimes lose myself, mainly because I’m focused on the wrong things. Distractions come from so many angles in life, you can literally loose a days time by accident. I realized that when I’m dating someone I tend to put more focus on them and their needs than what I have going on. Realizing this I try to order my steps. Never said this is easy, especially when you’re someone like me. I love to take on tasks that have nothing to do with me. People can be discussing an issue they’re having with a family member and I’ll jump in. Not jumping in to be nosey but simply trying to help. This can be good and bad because if I have tasks, a job and short-term goals that need attention, how can I extend myself to someone or something else. This doesn’t mean that I should be mute and solely worry about me but I should make smart decisions and choices.

Do you know why you don’t work out as often as you should? Why are you more concerned with the girl at work, than your kids at school? Does a Facebook status or a tweet really count as you making a difference in your life? You do matter right? If you’re the most important person in your life, why do you lack so much? Knowing is believing, many of the things I write about are my recent discoveries. Knowledge that I’ve obtained recently in which I plan to implement in my life. My focus is to breathe every breath of life into jvwades.wordpress.com as much as possible. I believe that focusing positive energy into my blog will inspire others to divide and conquer.

I could talk about and be about it all at once, can you?

Vashon Wade 2012 ❤


  1. That was just wonderful a nice breeze on a hot smoldering day. Dear GOD I thank you four my brother here. Thank you for blessing him with this talent. GOD I kow you know and see all things please bless my brother with your love peace and wisdom. And even favor I know that the the things that he says are power to destroy or to build .and I know sometimes they are one in the same bless him o lord.ps thank u Amen

  2. Good points dog!! Of course always in life we loose ourselves ur right …I know me I can start one thing .. Get distracted then on to the next.. Then trying to remember the first thing so fourth and so on…. Dag I jus did it now lol I lost my trend of thought!…good reading mir! Keep it up

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