Chase with no taste?

It’s funny because I don’t think people understand how selfish I am when I write. Sometimes I start and don’t want to finish. Other times I don’t want to explain and I feel like you should know where I’m coming from. I’m expecting that from you…..CATCH ME!

Lets Play YOUR game?

It amazing because most of these single people STILL don’t know what the fuck they want. Some say, “oh I’m dating just to see what happens.” Other people say, “well I want to find someone but they must meet my standards of what I want.” My favorite one is, “there’s nobody good enough for me out there.” That last statement is usually made by people who say they have no one good enough for them to date but they fuck everyone, HA. It’s all good and well but I need understanding when it comes to the pursuit. The moment you realize there’s a bit of interest between you and another person. Chasing is something that nobody wants to admit to doing but we’ve all done it. I myself have chased quite a few people for whatever reasons, none of which I understood during the time of pursuit. Unsure is how I felt even if I didn’t think they were worth the effort I would still go thought with it. After going on numerous dates and coming in contact with lots of people from every which a way. Most of them have admitted to me that the drive of a dating situation comes from them being pursued by the other person. Some have said that they want to see me calling them, sending text messages and just giving them a high amount of attention. Others have said that they would like me to give them all of the above while physically satisfying their level of chase. Basically you want me to “sweat” you to prove that I’ worthy of your time and attention. All of those preferences are respected by me but I have a question, for what? What the fuck am I getting while & by chasing you? Who realistically expects interest to be paid while receiving no reciprocation of the same behavior? Despite “the chase” being your preference, have you stopped to think about why should you be getting this sort of attention? Does me chasing you mean that this will be the schematics of our relationship forever? Above all others things, does this attitude of entitlement come with a guarantee of happiness?

No. Thanks…

Those questions are on a long list of others that just leave me baffled as to why people feel as though they should have things one way. Is it safe to assume that I would not like to see some pursuit in the character of my counter part? I always thought that when you were dating someone you were scowling through all the things you guys may have in common. If I am pursuing you constantly, giving you all the attention, where do I get mines from? Attention is something that we all require in one way or another especially when the person is a potential lover. Preferences are acceptable but when it’s creating an unbalanced factor early on, how do I deal? I could never see myself working at a job consistently but not knowing how well I’ll be paid. You could never spend thousands of dollars on a car without knowing if it’ll get you far. Sometimes I think people come up with obstacles and boundaries that forfeit good opportunities. A valuable lesson I’ve learned is that a persons expectancy level should be high with themselves as well as everyone else. I know how great of a guy I am and I’m not going to make you chase me to find out.

Pass Go.

J.V. ❤

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