question my sex!

Yoooooo it’s crazy that I live this single life because I’m so not about it. I mean being 25 and attractive is great in the single world but man oh man it’s not so easy if you ain’t easy…

Why isn’t my sex questioned? I know I usually don’t begin writing with questions but I’m in a state of panic for the world and its private parts. When it comes to dating I’m ashamed and confused as to how dates & sex got so misconstrued. I remember when the intentions of dating were to get to know the other person and establish a mental connection. You’ll see little things that will cause you to question and secure your position with the person. Decisions of what to do usually come after and then you move forward. When things were different I was younger but I understood the game. I feel like now the game is cut short by blank conversation with an urgency of sex. While listening to Jill Scott Making You Wait I realize how obsolete this song & its meaning is. There is no “making you wait” I am almost sure that someone is willing to sleep with me right after we meet or even reading this without knowing me 😃. It’s perfectly fine to have that decision made up in your mind but how soon are you acting on it and how? This is the part where the bracelet comes off. A time where glasses are positioned on my face and I’m questioning the whore ratios. Why would anyone not question my sex? Does my face invoke trust and clean penis? How can you trust me when you can barely trust you?

There’s no place for politically correct when it comes down to the sex discussion. And for that very reason it doesn’t get discussed. We’re doing it but won’t speak up when it’s too soon. Dating can exist without physical contact. If you’d like to have sex without boarders fine, but remember you’re in a position of vulnerability in more ways than one. Time can really help when trying to measure pros and cons. It might leave you horny and anxious to hold out a bit longer but… If I can have some then who can’t?



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