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Damn why did you do that? So now I can’t do this? Why can’t it be what I need? What the fuck I just want it to be like that. I can’t keep up with this but if I don’t play I’m definitely going to lose.


Man look I know life has its rules and ways of how things go but I’m not feeling this part. Welcome back to who everyone says what they require but lack oh so greatly. I rarely like to use the word hate but man I hate a hypocrite. How can I be what you think I should be when you’re not even living the representation of what you want? How could you ask for something that you’ve never even done? This is a problem I’ve experienced from both side of the dating game. I remember being associated with a situation that I would not call a relationship. I would move in silence but move nonetheless. Using the person for their time and not really investing any of mine. All while requiring that person to do things to my standards. WTF how could I have been expecting anyone to take me serious right? Exactly so that’s where I’m at now like hmmm, okay what to do now? Hating the thought of being responsible for my behavior while the other person judges. I can’t fathom how that breeds a healthy relationship. If a parent gives a child all these standards and rules without actually being a good parent what does that mean?

I know that I should want a morally guided person but where’s my rules? Should I require something or just go with the flow?


J.V. ❤


  1. When its sumbody u like/love ,all rules and handbooks slash RULES go out the window\\\ THE RULES START WHEN EIETHER PARTY DOESNT RESPECT ONE ANTHOR. Go w the flow,the bst thngs happen when things arent pre plan or hav the “HANDBOOK” to go with it!

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