To: Misconstrued U

Lets name 3 people… or just think of three people who you may be jealous of. Not with envy but kind of you wishing you had what they have. Admit it, think about someone who you feel may be living what you consider the LYFEE…

On & On?

Realizing that I may not always treat everyone politely messes with me. Knowing how much of a struggle it is to be me, it has to be hard for you. Imagine a hard day full of rude inconsiderate people approaching you with nonsense conversation. Attitudes full of malice causing you to question your anger level, I know it happens to me. I always think like damn how are you coming at me like this as if I won’t go to the trunk on you (going to the trunk of your car to retrieve weapon of choice). The expectancy level should definitely be lowered when you approach someone with a slick mouth. Never could you walk into dunkin donuts with a bad attitude expecting great service and great coffee. Why would anyone expect positivity out of you if you came at them wrong. I always see people getting smart with someone else and then say “what’s his/her problem?” It’s funny because you’re thinking that they’re the problem and I guess you checking them is the solution? Yeah right, I just laugh inside as I think about how foolish that behavior is.

You live and breathe asking questions and looking for answers about how and why your life is the way it is. You see this guy driving a range rover and you say “damn why isn’t that me?” Or you see a young lady looking good in the passenger seat of that Benz and you like damn how’d she get so lucky? Smh what you don’t know is the guy with the Range is on dying of testicular cancer and the girl is prostituting her life away while abusing cocaine. Crazy how those scenarios are just the surface of what people face on a day-to-day. Even myself for example I don’t live the best life but like my nanny always says it’s a blessed life. I wake up every day knowing more and more about life and expecting less and less from it. Shouldn’t we all feel this way? Why can’t we just approach life from a humble stance? Life ain’t the same through the eyes of everyone else. But I never ever wanted to be anyone as much as I wanted to be myself. Confusing right, I think it’s because I lived for so long not knowing me. Going through struggles trying to measure my life through the pain of my problems instead of the blessings of victory. If we all weighed out or pitfalls and triumphs we would smile a little more and judge a bit less. If anyone reading this feels like I’ve wronged, offended or judge them in the past, I’m sorry.

The next time you ask yourself why someone else has what they have, look at you. Why isn’t my response what you were expecting or maybe why was your attitude or disposition wasn’t what I was expecting?

Can I get a do-over?

J.V. ❤


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