#DidYouHear: Solange Knowles’ NEW EP #True

Of course most people with half a brain choose to mention Beyonce as Solange’s lack luster sister. Some say she does not compare vocally or talent wise but I beg to differ. While looking as a mirror image out of an In-style magazine or something from Paris Vogue, her career is more than just melodic harmonies on your favorite Beyonce track (probably written by her). She’s a marvelous singer with an illustrious career in song writing, arranging  production, photography as well as singing. November 27 marked the first time in 4 years that Solange had dropped any studio efforts since the last critically acclaimed LP Sol-Angel & the Hadley Street Dreams (one of my favorite albums in history). Her new EP True highlights her creative ability to leave you wondering who, what, and why her sound is the way that it is. I believe that True is nothing that looks like mainstream but everything good that should be flowing through your ear stream.]


Who else gets Verdine of Earth Wind & Fire to play bass on their record?


#Listen Here http://soundcloud.com/solangeknowles

#Purchase Here https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/true/id575984370

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