HEAR your EYES go

Can’t I just not argue with you or anyone. I’m not even a confrontational person I just know how to be heard. But if you’d pay attention to me maybe you’d understand that’s not why I’m here..
I had a strong conversation with a guy the other day. This was someone whom I’d had many disagreements with, we’d fight then we’d love. There was no distinct connection between us besides the fact that we have to work together. Never have I ever decided to have problems, him it just happened. I never attract anyone when they are considered the unknown. Nor do I care to have disputes with people in the work place but I don’t think he understood me. I am a man without caution, I don’t walk around with impression written on my forehead. My heart does not hold desire to satisfy others I’m a lone soul. Problems arise when people don’t see you. Can you hear me with your eyes wide shut? Tell me what you see with your eyes wide shut? Can you hear me coming with your eyes wide shut? Some seem to think that others are obligated to move at the instance or resistance of others when that’s not what life is about. How could you ever have issues with a person you don’t know? If you don’t see me how are you even hearing me to understand the layers that are the makings of me. Hate for example is not my expression of anyone because it’s too strong. I don’t think that I could spew that out to anyone because I don’t know anyone well enough to do so. Even if you’ve done wrong to me I don’t hate. Simply because my eyes are constantly open. I pay attention with intent to study because I’d always like to be aware.
Aware of you as well as me for the sake of survival. Comprehending what I see and matching it with what I hear decreases the level of dysfunction around me. Confusion is a contraption spirit in my opinion and it only gets worse. Never over extend yourself to adapt to the like of others but be aware.
Stop, look & listen

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