6 Shots: Alton Sterling

alton6n-1-web.jpgToday we will witness yet another African American slain by an on duty police officer while the entire thing is caught on tape. What you are about to read next is just for black people: wake the fuck up, we are yet again being distracted at the expense of another innocent life. The wave pattern of behavior from police officer’s is no longer subtle. Things seem to be shaping up to send a message that we as African American’s should’ve gotten with Sandra Bland; that is that the Black life is disposable. We are missing multiple pieces of the solvable puzzle that is that we are to be eliminated as a people by any means necessary. The foundation that was built 40 years ago after numerous barriers were mercilessly broken has fallen miserably. Multiple gun shot wounds is what a man suffered after being acknowledged as a CD sale’s man outside of a bodega. The media will turn this as they see fit pulling out this man’s history as if it means something to his assassination. Yes, these are assassinations covered up by white faces and gold badges. Alton Sterling, 37 is another example of how America does not practice justice with police so there must be a shaking of the ground. It will continue to grow more and more common for blacks to be murdered by America’s protection in blue. We will not be able to control the flow of elimination as long as we are distracted by what they allow us to see and hear. The news on Alton Sterling and why (which is unimportant to me) he was shot outside a Baton Rouge convenience store last night. Until then please stay woke and remember the importance of unity and self preservation.

VashonWade 2016


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